Of Covid and Toilets

With ‘Freedom Day’ on the horizon I thought it was worth taking a closer look at one of the strangest rules that seems to have been universally applied during the pandemic. Those around public toilet access and they are pretty nonsensical.… Read the rest

Unsocial Media

I’m on lots of social media platforms including the usual suspects: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and a few oddities such as Clubhouse, Reddit, TikTok and even Ello.

In the past I would have habitually turned to Facebook but as their policies seem intent on mining me for whatever they can get from me I limit my access.… Read the rest

Getting Bored Now

I think it’s fair to say that my tolerance for staying at home is probably higher than most others but even I have my limits. And I am beginning reach the end of mine now.

Lockdown hasn’t been as much as a shock to me as it must have been for many others as I had been working from home and only seeing my colleagues on video call for the best part of ten years.… Read the rest